2016 Volvo XC90 Redesign

The 2016 Volvo XC90 Redesign will be the latest generation on the Swedish manufacturer’s 7 seater Luxury SUV that debuted back in 2002. It is actually really an up to date model in the series, offering a revitalizing choice to the traditional severe and practical luxury in the German manufacturers.


The new XC90, nonetheless, should really make Volvo a conversation starter again. A a lot more upright grille, aggressive front end air vents and narrow headlamps present a fresh course for your Swedish automaker’s styling. Substantial wheels (up to 22 inches), pillar-length taillights and sculpted sides reshape the frump of today’s XC into a little something match, assertive and Audi-esque. The overhauled exterior will sit atop an all-new platform infused with high-strength steel to maximize safety and decrease excess weight.

Within, the 2016 XC90 characteristics an all-new luxury interior with high-end leather, real wood and metal trim, and an optional 19-speaker, 1400-watt, Bowers & Wilkins stereo. The tablet-like Sensus center touch-screen display controls most of the car’s functions and works with both Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto. It can also be used while wearing gloves. It’s matched by a digital instrument cluster and head-up display for that driver. Dressing things up further are diamond-cut controls for that engine start/stop button and stereo volume knob, as well as an optional crystal shifter from Swedish glassmaker Orrefors. The seats, meanwhile, include a shock absorber between the seat and rails to help prevent spinal injuries in an accident.

2016 -Volvo-XC90-Interior

The XC90 can also be customized with one of two exterior packages: Urban Luxury adds 21-inch polished wheels, polished stainless steel accents and front and rear skid plates, while Rugged Luxury uses matte black trim, integrated exhaust pipes and 22-inch wheels.

The car’s engine is comparatively small but on the road it handles like a machine with sprightly performance, predictable road holding and good steering feedback. It comes with two powertrains. The T6 model is a 316 horsepower, 2 liter, 4-cylinder engine connected to an 8 speed automatic transmission.

New 2016 Volvo XC90 Redesign Engine plug-in hybrid solution which acts as a replacement to the mechanical four wheel drive with an 82 hp electric motor at the rear axle is also available. It is actually expected to be the fastest XC90 with a 472lb-ft torque and approximately 400 hp on tap.

Technology has been a major focus from the redesign as well. The main interface to the car is a huge touchscreen that would be the size of most tablet devices. Most in the controls for your various systems of your XC90 have been replaced with touch, leaving very few actual buttons in the cabin. This makes the cabin look and feel very futuristic, but it could hamper usability.


Technology has been used to make the XC90 safer and easier to drive as well. The new and updated IntelliSafe technologies from the XC90 include systems like the extended Park Assist Pilot. Not only can this system pull a car into or out of a parallel parking spot, it can now manage to back a car directly into a standard space too. The system is also capable of displaying a full 360-degree view of the car, much like Nissan’s AroundView monitor technology. Cross Traffic Alert is another system coming on the newest version of your Swedish SUV. The system can detect if a car is approaching from either side from up to 90 feet away. This is most useful when backing out of a crowded parking space when you can’t necessarily see what is coming on either side.